June 5, 2012


I've been in my new rental for almost a month now, and I've finally settled in a bit. You guys, I have a gallery wall. Finally. My love for these lovely features goes way back. To prove this conviction, let me show you exhibit A, B, C and D.

Now was the perfect time to implement my obsession. Particularly, because my current leasing agreement prohibits painting of any kind and my space, while full of natural light and consisting of ample closet space, was in desperate need of some de-institutionalization. Added bonus - frames are easily adhered to the wall via command strips! While I can't say my version is quite as elegant as the examples above, it makes me smile and truly makes my space feel warm and fuzzy. It isn't perfect, but that's the fun of a gallery wall. It can change as much as I want it to. White walls be gone! Oh, and ignore my untidy bed. Let's call that "cozy."

My gallery wall consists of:

- an old wooden tennis racket courtesy of my grandparents' garage. It has a broken string, which I     secretly love.
- a print of the beliefs of my sorority.  I love the language, and it does exemplify the way I want to live. - a photo of a bunch of the girls during homecoming last year.
- four graphic canvases, painted by yours truly in my spare time at home.
- a wall art key, given to me by a dear friend and role model.
- "SUN DAY" print, because sun day is fun day.
- "keys" key organizer, also given by a friend.
- a gaggle of black and white photos in semi-gloss black frames.
- a few of my favorite sayings, made into creative prints in my spare time.
- a black shadow box filled with a few bright photos and a couple emblems from a very special card I was given last year.
- one of the favorite photographs I have ever taken, from a lovely family excursion to San Diego. It's a blooming tree with bright textiles hanging from clotheslines in the buildings beyond.
- an "A" symbol, for the obvious reasons and also because a friend has a similarly designed symbol that we may or may not have created together summer-camp-style.
- a postcard from my travels to San Francisco and Northern California (still one of my favorite trips).
- a print of fashion from the 1800s to now. Whimsical and fun.
- a ribbon lined with decorative clothespins, strung across the top of my room showing photos of my friends and family.
- a black window-like frame of a few favorite black-and-whites.
- a brass hanging bar that I can't seem to convince the landlord to get rid of :) I'm embracing it.
- my absolute favorite thing, an envelope from the dear miss lib addressed to my old address (and one that will forever have a special place in my heart). It was just too pretty to discard!

It was a decently long process. Most of my frames were an assortment of colors, and I opted to paint them all a uniform color. I knew that quite a bit of my gallery would be unframed (canvases, keys, tennis rackets, key hangers, ribbons). I used Krylon semi-gloss black spray paint on every frame that wasn't already black. You can't really tell a difference between the already-black frames and the DIY-black frames so semi-gloss was the way to go! I'd use the spray paint again, actually I already have but that reveal is still to come.

I, for one, love my gallery wall. Just count the times I used the word "favorite" in that list. What do you think of my wall? Have you tackled any projects you've been obsessing about? Please share!

P.s. This is the first time I've shown you my new room! I'll eventually get to filling you in a bunch of other goodies here, like my nightstand situation, the elusive headboard that I mentioned way back when and of course, how I'm liking living here.


  1. So pretty!! I have such an obsession with pictures and frames on my wall, so I totally understand this. Although I don't have just one wall for all my frames, I totally love that idea. Great job, it turned out so awesome!

    1. Thanks Mel! Whenever I see that wall it makes me smile!

  2. Stop it-I'm a Kappa too! Be the best, go KKG.