Lovely Explorer is a direct result of the onslaught of inspiration that comes from others in the blog community. I wouldn't be the blogger that I am without reading the 125 blogs that I do, daily. While each of them holds a place in my heart, the blogs that I have made this list constantly excite me. They constantly surprise me. They constantly inspire me. These are the blogs that constantly put a smile on my face when I see a new post pop up in my google reader.

A Cup of Jo - Joanna Goddard is the epitome of a cool New Yorker. She has a conversational, yet crisp, style of writing that I can't get enough of. Best of all, she talks about really interesting stuff. Relationships, traveling, New York, kiddos, life. It's all good and oh so real.

A Piece of Toast - Two real-life sisters write this lovely lifestyle blog about whatever strikes their fancy. Again, the girls provide amazingly curated design and fashion insight without a trace of being holier-than-thou. Love that.

Amanda Jane Jones - I love this blog for its My Better Half features, highlighting couples around the blogosphere with quick lists and beautiful photography and illustrations. That's not to mention how awesome it is that her blog has ties to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor is the college town where my parents met, and where I would be if I hadn't gone the private school route. The University of Michigan was a huge contender when choosing schools. I grew up running through the law quad and tailgating for football games. Hail to the Victors!

Bridget's Own Diary - Miss Molly Bridget and I have far too many things in common. We both joined the same sorority (although on different campuses) and we share a very similar style and approach to blogging. She's the type of writer that makes you feel like she's chatting with you over coffee.

Caitlin McGauley - Caitlin's illustrations are nothing short of perfect. She captures the little things so well and I'd love to hang one of her prints in my house one day. She oozes happiness and I die for every new post.

DESIGNLOVEFEST - The expert on all things creative, designlovefest never disappoints. Her content is oh so original. I have to say that Bri has also turned me on to white walls. I am a total convert. Her modern, mid-century style is inspiring.

Gadabout - Yet another crisp, clean and lovely lifestyle blog. I have fallen head over heals for the gadabout look of simple classics. Her "what has that girl been up to" series is so much fun and other posts are simply adorable.

Miss lib - Libby is a real life friend and a fellow kappa. She's actually the one who turned me on to this whole blogging thing. We share a love for tea, the royal family and pretty things. Two years my superior, libby has been my example of how to be awesome in internships and post-grad life.

Note to Self - What to say about such a wonderful blog? Note to Self is another 20-something writer. She just left Savannah (my dream city) and is a beautiful designer. I love her weekly quote posts and simple and pure way of blogging.

Oh Joy! - Pretty things. That's why I love the Oh Joy! blog. It's adorable and easy to digest. There is a great element of whimsy in Oh Joy! posts and I for one cannot get enough whimsy. No sir-ee.

Press Play - Melissa and I share a whole lot in common. We love reading, particularly books of the Harry Potter variety. We both share a love for traveling, although she manages to take to the skies a bit more often that I do. All in all, Melissa is a great person to know as far as blogging goes.

The EveryGirl - Just as the name suggests, The EveryGirl is a perfect read for every girl. It's all american. It's perfect for 20-somethings. It's like chatting over coffee with best friends.

Young House Love - This is a super popular DIY blog run by do-it-all couple John and Sherry. I swear this blog has made me laugh more times than I care to admit. The YHL crew is honest, hilarious and completely relatable.

Who am I missing? I honestly just skimmed the surface of my blog list. There is serious depth in that list, my friends!

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