January 14, 2013


I took the time to spruce up my room for the new year, for practical and not-so-practical purposes.

 My bedside table now houses a vintage tin (found on New Years Day while antiquing with my mom, grandma and sister). I loved it for its colors, size and sentimental value (Holland is my hometown). Sitting atop the tin, a new Rifle Paper Co. calendar (gift!). Next door, an old Anthropology gift box has stored a few precious papers for a while now (think dairy pages and dreams penned in ink). Just above it, a wooden jewelry box found in the recesses of my grandparent's closets. It holds my most frequently used jewelry.

These adorable little figurines were a New Years Day find as well. They serve no practical purpose, except for to bring smiles to my face. They sit on one end of my headboard, which conveniently has a six inch wide shelf-like top. Perfect for books, glasses, kleenex boxes, water bottles and now, DEER!

My small bookshelf has also grown substantially, thanks to the holiday season. It's a dream of mine to have a wall of beautiful and meaningful books. From left to right - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. A must-read classic, a true love story, and bound by Penguin Classics in a poppy print. 36 Hours in Europe, a guide to various european cities in a weekend. I'll be using the Paris section for tips, and the rest for feeding my wanderlust. Pancakes-Paris, a very special and meaningful find for me. I scooped this first edition 1947 children's book up in a heartbeat on our New Year's Day antiquing spree. It's about a Parisian boy and a few welcoming American soldiers who gift him with a box of pancakes. Just lovely. Young House Love, by one of my favorite blogger teams, Sherry and John Petersik. Can't wait to use their tips and project ideas on a house/apartment one day. Domino: The Book of Decorating, a great place to find decor inspiration and good-to-know tips.

What else should I add to my bookshelf? Do you like the deer? How about my new bedside table arrangement?

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