August 12, 2013


Life lately, it's just been so full. Full of work, work, work. Full of friends and fun. Full of runs on the neighborhood trail, the Monon. Full of decorating the bejeezus out of this little cookie cutter apartment. Full of summer nights and fresh air. Full of weekend travels, both business trips and trips of the just-for-kicks variety. Full of many things that I want to share in this space and not enough time to share it. Bear with me. Help me find my blogging groove. Allow me to hit reset on this space.

Lately I've Been Moving  

We've been in our townhouse for nearly a month now (actually, a month exactly!) and are just now feeling like it's ours. Between the layer of dust we inherited and the bland beige walls, it's taken us a while. The list of housewarming projects that we've accomplished in that four weeks looks like this - paint walls, paint dining room table, slipcover couches, sew 8 pillows, hang mirrors and pictures, find and assemble bookcase, paint lamps, recover lampshades, find and assemble coffee table, find and assemble end tables, find lights, breathe. All of those exhausting after-work projects have shattered any hope of a relaxing night or weekend, but I feel oh-so-accomplished now!

Lately I've Been Traveling 

In the past month, I've managed to travel to Las Vegas, Michigan and Bloomington, with two trips to Cincinatti on the horizon. No rest for the weary!

I went to Las Vegas for a business trip.  I felt very "grown up" setting off to the airport with my carry-on and briefcase/messenger bag in tow. I was their for 4 nights and working through the weekend for long hours. I didn't truly get to experience the city at its finest. I didn't even gamble a penny, the shame. I was fortunate enough to stay at The Aria and see many of the hotels on the strip while my boss and I did an informal tour of great restaurants, spas and shops. For someone just joining the beauty industry, Vegas is the perfect place to get an informal education.

For me, Las Vegas was an overwhelming city. All of the lights, people and promotions drove me a little crazy. To say I was exhausted was an understatement. Constant work + buzzing city + recent move will do that to you.

After Vegas, I packed up and headed north to Michigan to visit the fam. Because of my business trip, my weekend came early and I just had to take advantage. I spent the weekend visiting both sets of grandparents, fabric shopping and watching Netflix. I've made it home with astounding regularity this summer. I just can't resist Lake Michigan and that comfortable laziness that comes with being "home."

Last Saturday, I headed to Bloomington, Ind. with my friends Jacqueline and Kelly. It was a much needed girls getaway. We brunched. We toured a winery. We enjoyed the peace of the vineyards. We indulged in ice cream. We explored a new-to-us town. We made our one hour drive into a mini road trip. We jammed out to Beyonce. What could be better? 

Lately I've Been Exploring 

With my new digs comes a new neighborhood to explore. I've spent significant time in Broad Ripple during my four years at Butler, but there is something about calling it "home" that gets me excited. I'm making the rounds of coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance. I think it will take me a year just to try all of the places on my list! I also feel very fortunate to live 2 blocks from the best walking/running/biking trail I've ever known. Which brings me too...

Lately I've Been Exercising  

Between the new trail and the lovely summer weather, I've gotten back on the workout train. I'm alternating between running and playing tennis right now, but I'd love to add some yoga into the mix. The community rec center down the road has free (!) classes that I'm just dying to try too.

Lately I've Been Cooking 

I hope to do a few of these new favorite recipes justice with full blown posts. So this will just be a blurb about how the young pro in me has been loving to get my chef on. I've been actually making recipes on my pinterest board with moderate success! My spice bin is filling up with new flavors. I'm getting over my fear of cooking meat. I'm choosing healthy things because they make me feel better, because they taste better, because they are more fun (shocker!) and it's been an adventure. As I'm writing this, homemade zucchini bread is baking and filling our townhouse with the comforting smell of fresh bread. What? I didn't say everything was healthy!


  1. Welcome back to blogland! :) It sounds like you've been getting a LOT done in your apartment. Will we be getting a virtual tour some day??

  2. You have been one very busy girl! Glad to see you're making the best of your summer!