January 19, 2015


After nearly a yearlong sabbatical from blogging here at Lovely Explorer, I feel a tug to reenter the blogging community with full force. Still, it didn’t feel quite right to return to the same space where I wrote about books that I loaned from the library during what I fondly refer to as my “penniless summer” or the place where a chosen few listened when I worried about what my next steps would be after I graduated from college.
After almost two years out in the real world, I still read and I still worry but I do it differently. I do a lot of other things differently too. A new space that I've launched, allysondobberteen.com, reflects that. I plan to transfer my favorite content from LE to this new space (after all, I’m the same ol’ me deep down) but in a new way. In short, AD is a travelogue, a lifestyle blog, and, in small part, a portfolio. Similar to Lovely Explorer but with the ability to grow as I do a bit easier. I would love if you'd join me in the journey! 


  1. I feel ya, sista!! Consider the new space bookmarked :-)

  2. Awesome! Glad you're back. :) Going to follow you at your new site now!