November 26, 2011


Even though this post is slightly post-thanksgiving, it is too perfect of a time to begin my little blogging adventure on such a positive note.  Thanksgiving is such a beautiful, yet underrated, time.  It's smushed in between the candy-and-costume-crazy that is halloween and the adored holiday season.

It's beautiful in it's own right.  It's beauty comes not from what we do, but what we dwell on.  We dwell on all of the good in life.  That reminder is something that I need more than once a year!  It's so so easy to get caught up in the stress of school and all of its obligations and deadlines.  I am so grateful for a break from that whirlwind.

Of course, I am thankful for so many large things (health, a roof over my head, food, warmth, sweet friends, comforting family, a job that I enjoy, an education that I adore).  But I'm also grateful for the little things.  Things like:

      - Shows, like Pan Am and The Amazing Race, that satisfy my wandering soul (for now).
     - The First Amendment (I have a new appreciation for our country's traditions of free thinkers because of my law class... TEAM USA!)
     - Pinterest, it helps a girl dream a bit easier.
     - A brief, albeit quite unbearable, stint until finals at school.
     - Landing my dream internship.  Watch out world!
     - Fuzzy socks and cozy sweaters.
     - That it is officially acceptable to listen to Christmas music (I'm loving this one, that one, and this one too!)

My actual thanksgiving holiday was less than glamorous, yet steeped in tradition.  Just the way I like it. I did miss the parade (but I'll take the extra sleep instead!)   We had a full house of visiting family.  two turkeys. six pies. pounds and pounds of potatoes. a culture of competition via card games. lots of laughing.  and so much more to be grateful for.

What are you thankful for?  Any fun traditions?  Anyone else with an uncommon love of the first amendment?  I'd love to hear from you!

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