December 3, 2011


While the world was tuned into the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, this girl did a little modeling of her own.  No joke.

It was all in the name of Christmas spirit, folks!

A bunch of my sorority sisters and I donned one of Vardagen's Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirts for Christmas' sake.  We weren't paid or perked for our smiles either.

The one who inspired my modeling career.
This is me! 

We just love to cheese for the camera, and I apparently love to give that camera some crazy-eyed smirks.

We also love to give a little lovin' to a local small business.

I'm officially a convert.  I'll take an adorable and quirky tee over an itchy wool sweater any day.

Go check out their other designs and let me know what you think of them!  What clothes get you into the Christmas spirit?  What is your favorite local business?  Do any of you give crazy-eyes to professional photographers?

p.s. A few other friendly faces that I didn't feature on the blog.

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