December 19, 2011


On Saturday night, we participated in another lovely Dobberteen tradition...bell-ringing for Salvation Army!

We ring bells and spread some holiday cheer.  My sister and I prefer to try our hand at an actual tune, while my parents prefer to just let the bell do its thing.  My dad usually whips out a few of his cheesiest dance moves.  My mom wears her fluffiest hat. It's a grand ol' time.

Our "spot" is the corner of James Street and Butternut Road under the eave of the Walgreens.  Doesn't that sound cozy?

In reality, being on the corner of something is usually not so good for standing out in the cold for an hour or so. It gets nippy out their with the wind and the snow!

This year, we were pretty lucky and temperatures were mild.  It was only the second snow of the season and it was pretty timid.

Being on the corner does have its perks.  For one, our bucket is filled pretty quickly!  I even had to use a spare paint stirrer to stuff donations further down into the bucket.  And that's really the whole point.

If you want to spread some Christmas cheer, but can't make it to a Salvation Army bucket near you, consider donating online!

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