December 17, 2011


Last night was filled with the holiday spirit around these parts.  We went to see the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA.  (I'm using all caps because they do a lot of a good way!)

We've gone to their Christmas concert in Grand Rapids, MI at least 6 times that I can specifically remember.  We've enjoyed their tunes whilst (love that word) searching for the perfect Christmas tree and decorating the house.  It's been a part of our trips through the woods to grandmother's house.

My sister and I are known to air-violin, air-guitar, and air-keyboard along, almost as crazily as these guys.

In case you aren't the TSO groupies that we are, let me brighten your world.  The recipe for TSO is as follows:

     One part traditional string orchestra
     One part rock band
     A handful of lasers and lights
     A dash of pyrotechnics
     And holiday cheer to taste

I didn't take any photos or videos myself, but youtube them.  It will blow your festive socks right off.

I'll be back soon to share another one of our Christmas traditions.  We're doing it tonight, and it will be legendary.

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