December 22, 2011


The craftiness continues in these parts.  After finishing up projects #1 and #2, I got to work on a few more projects, both involving sewing.  I've never been much of a seamstress, but I'm feeling much more confident after these easy projects.

Project #3: Fabric Magnets!

I used this blog post found via pinterest, of course, as inspiration.

I ended up snatching 50 magnets for about $5, a few sheets of felt (29 cents each) and simply using spare fabric that we had lying around.

I wanted a simple, yet personal, gift to give some dear friends.  These fabric magnets were the perfect solution.  I just let my imagination run wild and tried to come up with something that each person really loves.  

I ended making:
 - six sets of "KKG" magnets (the letters of my sorority)
 - one Michigan mitten with a star near my friend (and I's) hometown
 - a key (a symbol of my sorority)
 - a kite (a symbol of another one of my friend's sorority)
 - a set of "XU" letters (for Xavier University where my sister will be going to school next year)
 - a set of "HOME" letter for my mom.

I can't wait to hand out all of these little goodies!

Project #4: Banner!

I've admired banners like this is cute little shops for a year or so now.  I just decided to spring for some adorable fabric (on sale!) and wing it one day.  I cut the larger flags to be 13x9 then just folded over a section and sewed the top to become a sleeve for the ribbon.  Then, I cut out letters to be 1" thick and about 5x4.

It will be a great welcome banner for my room this semester, but I can't wait to hang it over the archway entrance in the house that I'll be living in for senior year. You can't get much more welcoming than a fabric banner that says "HELLO!"

I also made another banner for another someone (who I'm keeping a secret for now).  I'll be sure to share pictures after all of the unwrapping is over!

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