December 31, 2011


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I'm a fairly reflective person to begin with.  Throw in my love for list-making and you have a whole bunch of fun to be had, in my humble opinion.

2011 was good to me.  I'll admit, I felt like I was going through the motions and chugging along relatively uneventfully this year.  I must have a great choreographer though; The motions were pretty great in 2011.

The year brought my first "career-oriented" job, an unpaid internship with a great mentor as an added bonus.  It brought opportunities for more career-related positions as well (you're welcome, 2012).

2011 brought independence.  I spent the summer away from the paradise of Holland, MI for the first time in my life.  I cooked and cleaned in my oh-so-humble apartment-style living, and did it with style.

2011 rewarded me for my hard work.  I earned my first 4.0 in college (!) and spent late nights, even the weekend ones, studying to prove it.  The year also gave me some published works that I'm pretty crazy about.

2011 was the year of the blog reading for me!  Through that, I have a cherished sense of self.  I know what I like much more than I used to.  I have a deeper sense of "me" and I have more confidence in my personal style.  Blog-reading in 2011 also brought a heightened hope of traveling the world.

To sum it up, 2011 was the year of personal development.  Sometimes development is boring and unmemorable while you're in the thick of it.  I think it usually pays off in the future though, at least I hope it does.

I have big plans for 2012.  I wish that 2012 is the year of balance.  I'm taking on so much; It's only necessary for me to gain a whole lot of balancing skills.  I hope 2012 allows me to balance work and school, the present and the future, relaxing me-time and a fun social life, fitness and my love of sleeping in, healthy eating and my favorite indulgences.

Most of all, I hope to face each day with a spirit like this.

originally from here

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  1. love this, lady! personal development.. I like that. I think I could agree with this for me too.. you hit the balance part right on the nose!