January 19, 2012


With all of the balancing that I'm doing lately, I've got oodles and oodles of to-do lists and schedulers and planners and calendars and on and on.

My newest favorite discovery is called TeuxDeux (get it? It's French) and it's free.  Plus, it's completely online, which means that  I can see it from any computer, any smartphone, anything with apps.  Plus, it's design-y.  And just in case I don't get one of today's items done (that never happens), TeuxDeux just moves it to the next day!  How awesome.  

Here's a little video to describe it's awesomeness.

I also use a little widget on my mac aptly named "Anxiety."  Anxiety links up with your ical application and gives you a series of to-do lists based on your different calendars.  For example, I have a homework calendar and an internship calendar so Anxiety has a list for each one.

Obviously, that isn't my list.  I don't have a puppy, a friend named carina, or a sammy to buy art supplies for.

Of course, I have an old fashioned planner too.  I'm the kind of person who remembers something from physically writing it (as opposed to typing it).  I just can't beat this simple one that I found this year.  It is a weekly calendar, but each day is blocked off in half hours.  Perfect for me and my crazy schedule!

Am I sounding OCD enough yet?  Do you have any scheduling tips for a crazy person?


  1. hey there lady, i just want to know that you made my day! like smiling ear to ear, totally inspired, super grateful, made my day! thank you for leaving such a sweet comment. the internet is a difficult place to express sincerity, but with all the heartfelt-ness i can muster up in this little comment box, thank you!

    1. Oh I am so glad! I've been thinking about sharing that link with you for a while, it just seemed to fit! Thanks for stopping by!