February 20, 2012


Mission accomplished.  

Let me just preface this girly post by saying, I have never been a nail polish/lip gloss kind of girl.  I generally prefer treating myself to a coffee or two. We never painted each others nails at middle school sleepovers - we preferred watching any and all movies starring Channing Tatum.  (I still love you, Chan) 

Lately, I've felt a little more sure of myself when I'm walking around with painted tips.  There is just something about a fun color, although I still paint nails at a 9-year-old level.  I get it all over my skin like a loser, but I'm improving.  

I'm not this good though! Props.  

Ever since I gave into the Essie craze and snagged the orange-y red color, Geranium, I've been singing a different tune.  I even sprung for the nude-ish color, Case Studyto give myself a little studying motivation for my Public Relations Case Studies class last semester.  The motivation worked, by the way.  

That's why I decided to put, "buy a wacky shade of nail polish" on my Future 101 list.  I'm hoping that this bold (for me) color of nail polish will give me the guts and gusto to do a few things that are on the wacky side for me.  

I choose playdate.  Maybe I'll be able to check off another one of my list items off and 'Paint my nails without getting it on my fingers." when I get around to using it.  


  1. LOVE! at first I thought you painted those floral tips... I was SO impressed! (pretty purple you picked out!