March 23, 2012


Surprise! I'm taking another little trip this weekend.  This one is not quite as exciting as my jet-setting, beach-bumming vacation from last week.  Essentially, it's a trip to the Michigan Secretary of State's office to renew my driver's license.  Even still, I'm so so excited to see my family and spend some QT at home.  It's been since Christmas since I've seen my little sister (read: best friend).  How did time get away from us like that?

I've found that I do my best thinking on road trips.  There is just something about the stretch of Highway 31 that I drive for 4.5 hours to get home that always gets to me.  I need that time this weekend.  My schedule is getting crazy and overwhelming and scary.  I need to breathe.

For good measure, a playlist of some of my very favorite songs for solo road-trips.

Back to Carolina - Jake Ousley
The Beat - Ben Rector
Count on Me - Mat Kearney
Dance with Me Baby - Ben Rector
Everyday People -  Sly & The Family Stone
Everything's Right - Matt Wertz
Faster - Matt Nathanson
The Feeling - Ben Rector
Find My Way - The Gabe Dixon Band
Get It Right - Brendan James
The Good I'll Do - Andrew Ripp
Hanginaround - Counting Crows
Heartbreaker - Matt Wertz
Industry - Jon McLaughlin
The Kill - Ben Rector
Little Lies - Dave Barnes
Love, Save the Empty - Erin McCarley
The Lucky Ones - Brendan James
Mercy - Matt Nathanson
Moneybox - Eliza Doolittle
Never Gonna Let You Go - Ben Rector
Not Falling Apart - Maroon 5
Nothing For Granted - Brendan James
Penny on the Train Track - Ben Kweller
Run - Ben Kweller
Run-Around - Blues Traveler
Sing My Lonesome Away - Matt Wertz
Waiting - Steve Moakler
Won't Turn Back - Needtobreathe

This playlist can also double as some of my favorite songs. period.  It's pretty obvious I'm a big fan of the Bens and Matts.  Steve, Brendan, Dave and Jon are pretty great too :)


  1. Looks like you have a good group of boys to keep you company.. off to download some of these tunes