April 3, 2012


Is this not the perfect picture of paradise?  A few weeks ago, I spend a grand week just relaxing and soaking in this view.  Five of my friends took the trip with me.  The water in Boca Grande, FL was bluer than blue.  I spend many an hour with my toes in the water.  I read a few books [for fun!] and woke up early enough to take advantage of all of that sunshine!  

On one of our many beach walks, we met this little guy.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, can I just say "LOOK AT THAT BLUE WATER!" Lots of fun shells, too!  

Miss Julia was brave enough to be my passenger on a jet ski.  I give her major props.  I'm a bit of a daredevil on the water and it was technically my first escapade in actually driving a jet ski.  For the record, I'm more of a ski boat person.

 Our other high-speed activity.  Golf-carting around is a big deal on the island, so we embraced island culture and rode the 3 miles into town on our speed-challenged cart most nights.

Last but not least, the beautiful ladies that I spent the week with.  To these lovelies, thank you for a week filled to the brim with laughter, relaxation, sun and great company! P.s. on top of my widespread nickname of "Dobby" [a story for another day], the coral, scalloped top I'm wearing in this photo may or may not have given me yet another one -  "fish."

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