May 24, 2012



I'm currently going through a breakup, but not of the boy variety.  This is a breakup of the internship variety.  It has been a full month since my internship at the agency ended.  You know, that company that I wrote gushed about here.

I've been at my new internship for a week now.  There is nothing wrong with it technically and it is a fantastic opportunity for me professionally.  My heart just isn't in this internship yet.  I know a week isn't much time to get to that love stage, but it was pretty much love at first sight with my last internship.  Now, I find myself missing my old little piece of the agency office, missing my old tasks and especially missing my old coworkers.  It feels quite a bit like heartbreak. 

As things with this new internship pick up, I'm hoping I'll be able to move on and stop missing the old one so deeply. As my best friend said, it will get better once we start "getting it on." Ha! I sure hope so.  

So tell me, have you every been through a heartbreak of the career variety? Any cures out there? 


  1. Awww that sucks that you aren't into it yet! Sometimes you just really *click* with a place, but I think it's good that you're branching out and getting experience elsewhere too. I've quit a few jobs and internships in the past because I didn't have as much fun with them as I'd hoped, but right now I feel like I'm in a good place with my job and internships. Hopefully as I keep going I'll only keep getting happier! Good luck with the new internship, I'm sure you'll get to love it soon enough :)

    1. So good to hear! Thank you! I'm hoping I'll love it soon as well!