May 21, 2012


This recipe box did not become what it is today easily.  It put up a really good fight.  What started as a plain jane box from Michael's became this lovely thing.

These photos don't exactly do it justice, but I do love it.  It was quite the process.  I used a bit of stain that my parents had laying around (walnut, if you're curious) and originally stamped a black fleur de lis on top.  I wanted to paint the inside a fun color at that point, so I went with a bright acrylic blue.  My paint job wasn't too clean though, and the fun color ended up on the outside.  I chose to do a color-blocking effect with the blue.  After mulling that decision over for a few days, I decided it was a little on the bold side for my taste.  In came the light gray to save the day!  I like how modern and simple it is, plus the polka dot recipe cards (found here) really stand out.   

The second step of the process was to copy some of the recipes that my mom and grandma have accumulated and created over the years.  I'm so excited to try my hand at a few of them now that I'm living on my own again.  

My mom always had a few recipe boxes floating around are kitchen.  To say that this box reminds me of home is a huge understatement.  What do you think?  Should I have kept it cobalt blue? 

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