May 7, 2012


I've been at home a total of four incredibly rainy days so far.  I've already managed to squeeze in a few awesome things.  My days have been filled with lovely things like:

          a trip to my favorite local ice cream shop, Captain Sundae.  I'm a proud former employee! 
          a hilarious dinner with my parents at Sluggos, a favorite local pizza place. 
          shopping adventures, including a prom dress search for my sister. 
          a spontaneous trip to the dirt cheap movie theater, to see The Avengers (great!). 
          a church service, complete with seeing a few friendly faces from high school.  
          afternoon (and let's be real, morning) naps. 
          a short-but-sweet run towards the beach at sunset. 
          lots and lots of organizing, donating and sorting my things in preparation for the move. 
          finally backing up my computer and organizing keepsakes and important documents. 
          a couple crafty projects, and more in the works. 

If you care about those DIY projects....

With all of the time I have, I'm keeping my hands busy with lots and lots of simple yet satisfying projects. Many of them fulfill some of my "Future 101" goals, others are just plain fun.  

Project #1: Address Book 

Since one of my goals is to send more handwritten notes and cards, I needed many addresses and plenty of space to add more.  Target to the rescue! While I couldn't find a designated address book that I liked, I did spot a set of three mini-notebooks that would do the trick.  At $3 for the set, I thought it was a decent deal and they were adorable.  Do you agree?

I chose the poppy pink number to be my address notebook.  Each of the mini-notebooks has a quote on the cover.  This one happened to read "Joy delights in joy." William Shakespeare was a brilliant guy, and his works seemed fitting here.  Now, I have an address book filled with relatives and family friends' addresses.  I'll need to remember to gather all of my college friends' addresses before we head our separate ways next year.  

Project #2: Patterned Clothespins

A super simple craft project involving a bit of Modge Podge, a handful of wooden clothespins and a few scraps of decorative paper.  

Just cut the paper to the size of the flat edge of the clothespin.  Lightly paint Modge Podge directly on the wood.  Apply the paper.  Paint Modge Podge on top of the paper.  Press to enhance stick-age.  Let those suckers dry. Donzo! Keep an eye out for these in my future space.. I have plans. 

Have you tackled any craft projects recently? Any other lovely things happening out there? 

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  1. I love these notebooks! So cute! On the hunt for those...