June 13, 2012


The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan was another book that I found via pinterest on a list of books that all 20-somethings should read.

The book essentially follows four chinese-american immigrants on their journey from girlhood in China to motherhood in California. The daughters then tell their stories of girlhood in California to their lives in the present. 

I truly enjoyed its subtle irony and simple storytelling that The Joy Luck Club offered. There were moments that the book made me smile to myself. You know those moments, the ones where you feel like you share an inside joke with the author or characters? Love those. There were sad moments and dark moments and the occasional moment where I just wanted to shake the characters and tell them to be nice to their moms. Most moments though, I loved because they seemed honest. 

I'll be honest here. I did have trouble keeping the characters straight. Honestly, I probably still couldn't tell you which name goes to which story. That would be my fault though. I wasn't a very careful reader, I suppose. The chapters jump from character to character which was tough to keep straight. I'm never a big fan of those types of books in general. 

I would definitely recommend The Joy Luck Club, especially to girls my age. I think it has universal appeal to all women. What are you reading lately? Any recommendations for me? 

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