June 14, 2012



Just a few things that are happy around here. There are a lot of little things, and the little things are the things that mean something, right?

    - waffle cone/wine wednesdays with the girls. Need I say more?
    - a spontaneous soccer game on a sunny summer night.
    - a trip to Michigan starting in mere hours! I'm heading home for my sister's graduation party.
    - seeing a few of my most awesome cousins this weekend.  They are the brothers I never had, and I       love when they make the trek up from Texas to visit.
    - the promise of cinnamon rolls and coffee at home. My sister's party is a brunch, she is genius!
    - a bunch of new-to-me music popping up on pandora. A full post to come on a few of those folks.
    - sunglasses weather, and cute sunglasses to match.
    - a trip to florida (for a conference) in less than a week. I'll be reuniting with a Minnesota friend. Eek!

Tell me, what are some of the happy things going on in your neck of the woods?

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