July 3, 2012


photo by alexandra whatton.

Not all of my days have been happy lately, actually there have been quite a few unhappy turns of events. After my trip to Florida (which was happy), a whole slew of crap was sent my way. I randomly contrived the flu, which is never fun and my computer became a bit testy, as in sometimes it works and other times is doesn't. Now that the worst of these things are behind me, I'm feeling the need for a renewed commitment to my New Year's Resolution of balance.  In the spirit of that balance, a list of happy things...

 - house/dogsitting for my favorite Indianapolis family and their two sweet dogs for a week.
 - some healthy eating/frequent exercising motivation for no particular reason.
 - catching up on sleep. It was much needed, although I still haven't slept past 8:30am. I'm getting old.
 - getting the itch to do a blog redesign soon, more on that to come I'm sure.
 - watching the U.S. Olympic trials and getting SO excited for the real deal later this month.
 - watching/listening to podcasts of Wimbledon, the classic tennis tournament going on now. There have been lots of upsets, and I love an underdog.
 - coming back to my house after dogsitting. I'm going to enjoy my own bed again, and of course the company of my roommates!
 - the fourth of july. I love the holiday, even though this year will be a bit unusual. Since it falls on a Wednesday, I won't be celebrating at home. I think my friends and I will have to do some celebrating on our own.

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  1. Despite having crappy events sent your way, it sounds like you had some great things in there too! && happy to hear Florida went well :) Hope July treats you well! And YAY blog redesigns! So much work but so fun :D