July 27, 2012


I'm anxiously awaiting the start of the opening ceremony of the Olympics tonight. I've heard rumours that Mary Poppins makes an appearance, and I kind of love that movie with a passion. The theatrics aren't the only thing that have caught my eye this year. These vintage tee's from Gap play to my heart (and purse) strings.

I'm also a sucker for olympic stories. I absolutely eat them up. I love the human interest pieces. The underdogs always get to me. The team spirit plays to my emotions. I'm a sucker for unity and sportsmanship. I love the patriotism that always springs anew with every star-spangled victory. That moment after a gritty win, it kills me. Athletes singing to their national anthem, pass the tissues please. I'd also be fooling you if I didn't mention the many crushes that I'm sure to have on these oh-so-fit fellows. Frankly, I love it all.

Are you an olympic fan? Please geek out with me.


  1. Equally obsessed. Love the human interest stories. Love all the dramatic music. Love how everyone is talking about it 24/7 and it has taken over social media. Love Gabby Douglas. IN love with Ryan Lochte (and now Nathan Adrian). But my ultimate fave? Hands down, Mr. Bob Costas.

    Here's my Olympic post! http://www.bridgetsowndiary.com/2012/07/olympic-obsessed.html

    1. I absolutely loved your post. Nights will feel a little lonely without Bob's voice echoing in our ears soon! And Nathan Adrian..how did I not know about him before the games? Adorable. P.S. Jenn Kessy (silver in beach vball) was a kappa. Thought you might appreciate that!