September 27, 2012


Hello again! I will be the first to admit that it has been far too long since a new post has appeared on this little blog of mine. To be honest with you, I have had a hard time understanding why myself. I think I get it now...

This blog wasn't inspiring me. It was nagging me, instead. 

At first, I wasn't writing because I couldn't think of things to say. My life felt a bit stagnant, I suppose. I ended my internship and started my senior year, but life was just happening to me and not because of me.

For a while, I thought it was because my content was limited. I didn't have the best camera, or the best photography skills. I had ideas for great content, but I didn't have access to the software that I needed/wanted. I didn't create enough. I didn't curate enough.

Then, I thought I wasn't branded enough. I didn't have a style or a focus on this site. I didn't have weekly features or a set schedule. Many bloggers have such a defined style, and I envied that.

So I froze and didn't write, for far too long.

Isn't this just perfect? via

I miss it, so I'm back. I'm still figuring out my "style." I still have deficiencies in the software/photography department. I still struggle when comparing myself to the blogs that I love to read with such passion. Oh, well. Bear with me while I find my blogging-self again! 


  1. This is the story of my life, and I feel like I'm going through (or rather about to go through) one of these phases now. I think it's quite common, to be honest, but regardless it was nice to see your post in my Google Reader today :)

  2. have you ever read this post?
    its so true! you don't need perfect photos, regular posts or a target idea to be a great blogger. we are real people! and most of us are not full time bloggers, and we aren't making money off of our blogs! I feel like many of the people who are able to do those things are! so post what you want to post when you want to post it! all that other stuff is will come along for the ride! i lost 4 (yup 4!...wait, maybe 5? i think seacreatures is my 5th blog!) blogs because i would feel the same way! i felt i was posting what people wanted and not what i wanted to post! i would run out of ideas, i'd get frustrated, then i would get sick of it and shut it down. i'm happy you didn't do that because I really love your blog!
    i hope this doesn't sound preachy, its just gurrl, i know EXACTLY where you're coming from. and when "big bloggers" make lists of things that make great blogs, they forget sometimes that they blog as a job and we blog with the few precious extra moments that we have in our busy lives! when then truth is all we want to do is be apart of each other's stories a bit :) i'm so excited to hear about your story, and i can't wait to hear more! i'm so happy you're blogging again!


    1. First off, thank you for that link! She read my mind, like woah! p.s. I feel like this could be a motto for life in general..."when then truth is all we want to do is be apart of each other's stories a bit." You are a genius, and pretty good with words if I do say so myself! Thanks for all of the support!