October 19, 2012


Just because fall break is over and done does not mean my life has become boring by any means.

For one, it's homecoming week, which somehow translates to me painting a larger-than-life paper-mache mouse for an hour. Not kidding. The theme for the year is board games, and Kappa choose to recreate Mousetrap in our front lawn. Did you ever play mousetrap? It was definitely a favorite in the Dobberteen household, until we lost the parts that is.

Saturday is the actual homecoming day. Seniors like to do a little extra celebrating at the crack of dawn, so I'll be joining in the fun. Hopefully, I'll run into some recent alumnae while we're cheering the Bulldawgs to victory at the football game as well. It's a night game for the first time ever, so I'm praying for warmer temps than usual!

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