October 18, 2012


When last we spoke, I was knee deep in Fall Break. In brief, it was everything I wanted needed and more.

I was able to see my grandparents twice. We did a lot of this...

I also went to a tailgate and high school football game at my alma mater, which was weird. High school was not exactly my forte. I mean, it wasn't the worst of times but it wasn't the best of times either. I am a much more confident, happier person than I was when I was walking those halls. Even though it was a chilly night, and it was high school all over again, we were determined to make it to halftime. One of my good friends/neighbors Nick was on the homecoming court and playing in his last home football game. Thank goodness for warm apple cider, or we may never have seen him make some awesome plays that night!

Speaking of neighbors, we got together with the Sand Dr. crew for a game night (tonk, if your wondering) and yummy food. I never fail to laugh more than ever with those weirdos. After a bit, the "kids" decided to fire up the wii and play Just Dance 4. Needless to say, it's on my christmas list. Hilarious.

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