October 22, 2012


I am in the midst of planning my last semester of college (eek!) which warrants its own worries and woes. I only have a handful of credits left to complete before I get a diploma, which is exciting and terrifying all at once. Post-graduate life is a hot topic between my best friend Jacqueline and I, and we snuck out for a mid-afternoon chat. Nothing better than a mid-week chat about life at our favorite local coffee shop with this girl!

As of right now, I'm counting on adding a fourth internship to my resume. Yes, four. I have a thing for internships, and that alone eases my fears about the "real world." Internships give me so much confidence and just reinforce my decision to make PR a lifelong career. So far, I've had a handful of interviews for spring internships (and one for a two-year fellowship post grad). What do a nonprofit health organization, a book publisher and a multinational corporation all have in common? Me. How to choose? Wish me luck.

As of now, I'm also planning on enrolling in a competition class to test my PR campaigns skills against other universities across the nation. This year, the campaign is against bullying, which has been a hot topic in recent months.

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