November 5, 2012


I've made it my mission to watch some of those movies that "everyone needs to see" because well, I had never seen them. I didn't have a set list in mind, but my goal was to watch ten. It turns out that I leaned towards 80's movies and anything directed by John Hughes. I've tried to rank them from my least favorite to my favorite, but this wasn't an easy task. Even the "least favorite" I liked. I'm no movie critic, but these ones are classics for a reason!

via Pinterest (let me know if you recognize the photographer, I'd love to give credit where credit is due!) 

Sixteen Candles - Of all the classics that I watched, this one deserved the title the least. The characters lacked something, they seemed fake. I think it was directed towards a slightly younger clientele, too :)  I did love that two actors/actresses from The Breakfast Club were also in this. It felt like some secret that only I knew (except obviously anyone who has seen those movies does). It's funny because they both play the same type of character. Interesting.

Meet the Parents - I just wasn't a fan. It was meh. I suppose my sense of humor didn't quite match up.

The Graduate - The Graduate made this list because it is often referenced in other places (hello, Mrs. Robinson is everywhere). I think it is even discussed in the modern classic, The Holiday. Yes, that movie is definitely a modern classic! But back to The Graduate. It is a weird movie, and definitely not created like modern movies. It was also slightly discomforting. There isn't a happy ending (from what I could tell) and it's clear that the main character, Ben, has some serious issues with graduating and makes some weird choices because of it. I hope it's not foreshadowing! I am glad I watched this movie, if only to say that I've experienced it firsthand.

Father of the Bride - I always love Steve Martin. I find him hilarious and I loved this wedding/romance movie because it was such a different perspective. It's a comedy about romance, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a rom-com. I like that. It definitely didn't stick with me like some of the other movies on this list though.

Pretty Woman - Along the same lines, this movie is definitely a romance, but it isn't gooey (at least, not until the end) and it's from a completely different perspective.

When Harry Met Sally - Call me a fan. I found this movie funny and weird and hysterically 90's. I loved Harry and Sally's strange, on-again off-again relationship. While I've never called myself a true Meg Ryan fan, this movie made me a convert. So endearing.

Dirty Dancing - This one is a straight up romantic comedy. I really, really loved it. In general, I love dancing movies and I love teen flicks. I love movies that feel like summer, and this one definitely did all of those things. Who actually goes by the name 'baby' anyway?!

Say Anything - I actually watched this one three times because I really did love it.  It might be one of the cheesier romance movies on this list. It is so unrealistic (which I think is why I loved it). I mean, what guy just cold calls a girl these days? It definitely reassured the nerd in me that someone is out there. Hopefully. Also, I think I fell in love with John Cusack here. Like, woah.

Forrest Gump - This classic was funny, heartfelt and moving - all packed into a couple hours. With both a message that hit home (choose your own destiny) and some hilarious screenwriting, I was hooked. I don't know why I hadn't seen this movie before, but I guess that was the point of this challenge of mine!

The Breakfast Club - Forever a favorite now. I did not want this movie to end. I loved every second of it. Every. Second. So good. There is no way to adequately describe the relationships that form between the characters, the amazing characters themselves, the humor. Nothing I say will do it justice!

What classics am I missing? Did you feel the same way about these 10 flicks?


  1. ahhh i love the graduate! but i love movies that leave you feeling sort of weird at the end haha. I can't believe you've never seen some of these, but i'm sure there are movies that i've never seen that people would be like "are you serious?!?!" haha.i love this idea. i need to come up with a list of my own.
    and i totally agree with you about 16 candles.
    i don't know what you haven't seen, but if you haven't seen "its a wonderful life" you need to, now that i'm all grown up i have such a different appreciation for that movie.
    and you should probably watch star wars, just to say you've done it!

  2. I need to save this list! My co-workers and I were actually talking about Forrest Gump today. LOVE that movie. It's definitely one of my favorites. You have a lot of good ones on here. I think Love, Actually is turning into one of those movies that everyone should see. It's still newer, totally obscene, and is clad with loads of cussing, but it's one of my favorite movies ever and probably one of the best romantic comedies of all time.

  3. Oh, also anything by Woody Allen and Life is Beautiful, which is an Italian film you have to watch with subtitles, but is a tragic, yet beautiful, and even heart-warming story. Yes, it pulls off both heartwarming and tragic. It's that good.

  4. Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gone with the Wind, the Wizard of Oz, Paris Je T'aime, Uncle Buck