November 28, 2012


Like I mentioned in my thanksgiving post, I was lucky enough to spend some time with both sets of my grandparents. Oh, the stories I heard!

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On Monday, my parents and I made the trek down to tiny Sturgis, Michigan to visit my Grandpa Dobberteen. It's was his 82nd Birthday soon, and we commemorated by giving him a big book about the Marines (he once served in the Korean War). Needless to say, the book sparked some interesting stories. Imagine these stories told in a Bill Cosby-esque way, and you might get the gist.

"I was the driver for the colonel - I still don't know how they gave me that license. I was grinding the gears on that thing!" - Grandpa

A conversation Grandpa reenacted for us:

Two leaders are trying to convince the colonel that their troops are ready for a certain hard mission. 
Leader One: My guys are ready for this!
Leader Two: No, no. My guys have been training for this for a long time!
Colonel: Dobb, are you sworn to secrecy?
Grandpa: Uh, no, not formally.
Colonel: Can you keep a secret?
Grandpa: Yes, sir!

Later in the tents.
Grandpa: You'll never guess what I heard today!
Other Marines: What?
Grandpa: I'm not telling you!

What a funny guy! The next day was spent with my other Grandparents, preparing for the big Thanksgiving festivities. The morning was spent ironing out white tablecloths. My grandma told me that they were over 100 years old! Passed down from her grandmother, when they used to host "resorters" that came to the lake during the summer months. How neat is that?

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