December 26, 2012


I'm not one to brag about presents or material things. As a blogger, I neglect to make a gift guide for any occasion (for shame). However, I can't keep my mouth shut about the best Christmas gift I've ever received.

Let me get the story straight. The first night I was home for break, my Dad built a bit of suspense about two beautifully wrapped boxes under the tree. One black and silver shoebox for my sister, and one identical box for me. These boxes were to be the last gifts of Christmas at the Dobberteen household.

On Christmas morning, we woke bright and early. We opened many generous and thoughtful gifts, then eyed the black boxes excitedly. We opened our boxes to printed lists of the "12 Ways to Become Wise in the Ways of Travel," a bit of an inside joke about my Dad's great talent of planning amazing travel experiences for our family. Number twelve on the list - to travel. With giddy excitement, we opened a packet filled with plane tickets from Indy to Paris via Chicago, confirmation of our Parisian apartment in the 4th arrondissement, and maps of the metro!

You've heard me drone on about Paris on Lovely Explorer for a while now, when my parents travelled there this fall and when I read a fascinating book about Paris. Well, settle in. I plan to soak up as much French culture, literature and travel tips as possible in the next five months.

It will be my first trip across the pond. I've been itching to go for oh so long! Say, have you been to the City of Light? Europe? Please dish your tips!

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  1. DYING of jealousy!! I cannot wait to hear about your plans!!