March 13, 2013


Slowly but surely, I'm beginning to face this in-between limbo between college and life as a young pro. One of the most exciting things about this new phase I face is admittedly decorating a new place. I read on some wonderful blog - which blog I have since forgotten - that it's smart to choose just one focal color for your entire place. This trick works especially well for small spaces. If I have the guts to pair down my belongings into just one color group, I think it might look a whole lot like this...

I'd paint the walls a great calming green. 

I'd make space for these lamps on woodsy end tables. 

I'd add a green plant or two to give the space some life. 

I'd prep for the day gazing into this mirror.

I'd decorate a green door (hey, this is my dream) and place this underneath.

These chairs would fit quite right around a rustic breakfast table.

If my place has two stories, I'd hope the stairs looked like this. 

Something this hue would be nice, too. 

So what do you think of my obsession with green? It's long been a favorite of mine, but the promise of spring has inspired me to love it even more than usual.

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