March 12, 2013


I know, I know. I've been absent from this space for a bit. That's what the middle of a semester will do to you, I suppose. What better way to catch up than with a good ol' fashioned "currently" post.

Reading: Quite a few great books! I'll be sure to post about Gone Girl, The Art of Fielding and hopefully a few more shortly. I'm officially on Spring Break with ample time to devote to reading for fun. Unfortunately, I'm not doing so in a sunny climate, but I'll take what I can get. 

Waiting: For a good dose of spring weather. Maybe it's the fact that I'm in gray and misty Michigan while most of my friends are happy in the sun, but I'm getting restless for bike rides, long runs, sandals, jean shorts, fun tunes and a tan tinge to my (currently pasty) skin. 

Purchasing: A few great tops for date nights (!) and nights out on the town, long-lasting luggage for Paris (!) and a pair of awesome and comfortable sandal wedges

Watching: Absolutely no television, and I'm not going to sugar coat it - it's been hard. I have watched a few movies/documentaries to fill the void. I absolutely LOVED the 7Up Series. It follows a handful of British children from all sorts of backgrounds. The first documentary of the series interviews them at age 7. The process repeats every seven years and it's beyond captivating. I also loved Craigslist Joe, a documentary about a guy who lives off the good will of those he finds on Craigslist. Both of these most definitely count as a movie that moved me - one of the goals on my Future 101 list. 

Wishing: For some clarity in my future. Still no leads on the job front, which is hard but not unexpected. What's worse is debating how long to stick around Indianapolis before admitting defeat and heading back to Michigan. I may sublease my current room until June which gives me some wiggle room. 

Thinking: About how very fortunate I am to have come across the people that I have in my life. I have a handful of truly wonderful friends in my life that have consistently made me a happier and better version of me. It scares me that they may not be in my vicinity in a few short months. Lately, I've also met a few new and exciting people that have also made me pretty happy. Here's hoping that I continue to find fools that put up with me! 


  1. I love these currently posts! They are so fun. I keep meaning to do one but never have. I loved Gone Girl; what did you think? And I've heard amazing things about the 7Up series - thanks for reminding me to look it up!

  2. Agreed with Megan! I love this concept. Having one weekly go-to template for a post is nice when creative fuel is running low, right?! Good luck with the job search!!!