May 7, 2013


Back with another Prep for Paris post! This one is all about the fantastic online resources and blogs that I've found while preparing for my upcoming trip to Paris.

For Inspiration 
Paris in Four Months - This blog is about a young photographer who decided to up and leave and spend four months in Paris. Her four months eventually turned into a full-time deal. Now, she photographs the city and the people that visit it. Beautiful photography. Beautiful city. Enough said.

A Blog Named Scout - This blogger literally took a trip to Paris two weeks ago. Couldn't be better timing, non? Her favorite neighborhood is Le Marais, where I'll be calling home base. A majority of her suggestions center around this hub of Parisian life in the 3/4eme. so I'm excited to give them a go! Beautiful photos about here as well!

The Fresh Exchange - Meghan is a Michigan girl after my own heart. Her creative spirit is somehow perfectly suited for Northern Michigan and the street of Paris. She spent three weeks in Paris a while back and her photos and experiences have stuck with me through all of the planning. Her style has also greatly influenced my packing list for the week.

For Practicality
Google Maps - I dare you not to get sucked into googling addressed in Paris and dropping that little yellow guy into street view. I've already (virtually) strolled down many an avenue in Paris. Let me tell you, I haven't found one that I haven't liked the look of. Google Maps has also helped give me a good perspective on how far things are away from each other. It's been instrumental in helping me plan my loose itineraries (more on those later in the week). I dare you to find better virtual views!

Trip Advisor - I think this site is genetic. My dad is obsessed and I've caught the bug as well. A great site for reviews and forums. I've used it mostly to vet some of the restaurant recommendations that I've stumbled upon. It's not so pretty, so I'm skipping the photo, but this is definitely a practical site!

What sites should I check out before departing? Spill the beans!

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