June 11, 2013


Yes, finally! On to day two of my Paris trip before I forget it in a whirlwind of excel spreadsheets, meetings and apartment hunting (another post on that one day). Day Two began bright and early. I always love rising with the sun on vacations. I was desperate to make the most of my time in Paris and enjoy it too! We walked by a park on our way to the day's festivities and I couldn't help marveling at Parisian tulips.

My sister and I had an "overview of Paris" walking tour (sightseekers delight's Paris Along the Seine tour to be specific) scheduled for 9 a.m. Since our tour met at the base of Notre Dame, we decided that it would be a perfect use of our time to see the inside beforehand. Pictures truly can't do justice to the enormity of the place. My camera doesn't do the best in low light, so I've only published photos of the exterior which was my favorite part anyway!

It just so happened that a bread festival was going on in the square in front of Notre Dame. Yes, a bread festival in Paris! I stumbled upon heaven in the form of a pain au chocolat. It was quite literally straight from the oven and piping hot. It might just top the list of best things I have ever eaten in my life.

Our promptly began. It allowed us to see many of the "must-sees" in Paris all in one long walk. I would highly recommend it for travelers with time constraints or who appreciate hitting the highlights with a nice amount of culture/color mixed in. Our first sight was the famous english bookstore Shakespeare and Co. where the likes of Hemingway and others found respite.

We glanced into the church where Eva Longoria was married. It had beautiful purple stained glass windows. It fascinates me that this isn't even considered one of the "must-see" churches in Paris.

We walked through my favorite place in Paris once again...the tuilieries! I seriously fawn over those green chairs every time I see them. If only they could fit in a carry-on...

My sister looked like this for the majority of our Paris trip. Her camera was a third eye (and I can't blame her).

We met up with my parents at the end of the tour and made our way across the beautiful Pont Alexandre III. Of course, we had to stop for the perfect photo op. This is one (great) one that I captured of my Dad and sister. For some reason, I have a deficiency of pictures with my mom but I promise she was there!

We found a quintessentially French place to have lunch. The waiter/owner was absolutely charming and spoke four languages fluently. My sister and I had a conversation with him in Spanish about how his mother was from Spain. We even ordered our crepes in spanish, much to the delight of both the waiter and our parents (the education paid off).

After enjoying our Spanish/French creperie, we wandered to the Musee Rodin. This museum wasn't on the top of my to-do list, but it ended up being one of my favorites. I am so glad that we went! It features many of Rodin's sculptures all presented in a French garden. By now, you should understand my weakness for the French garden!

Let me tell you, the view from the other side of the statue above was quite a sight! After the Musee Rodin, we headed back to the apartment for a much needed nap (one of my top five best naps of all time). After resting up for a bit, we walked to the Place de Vosges. It is the oldest square in Paris and was so very peaceful. There was a great statue of one of the Louis. Which one? I couldn't say.

We had to stay near the apartment so that American Airlines could bring our lost bag back, so we choose a nearby sidewalk cafe for our evening meal. It was so lovely that I forgot to snap a picture! We got a cheese plate and relished in the very Frenchness of it all. 

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