July 3, 2013


Day six was our last full day in Paris. Like any great experience, it all must end sometime. I tried to soak in every Parisian thing that I could, which translates to many random photos of Parisian facades, French food and French flowers. My apologies in advance. 

We decided to climb the steps to the top of Notre Dame for a great view. It was one of my favorite things that we did. The view of Paris is, of course, wonderful. The truly wonderful thing is how close you can get to the gargoyles and the building itself. Every little thing has so much detail. Climbing the stairs is not for the faint of heart. They are old, spirally, narrow, confining and never-ending! The bells even rang while we were up on the building.

We wandered around Paris for a bit after our trek up Notre Dame. Our detour took us to Berthillion Ice Cream. I could have ate five scoops of the Buerre Salted Caramel. Paris is filled with nooks, crannies and flower markets. I wouldn't change it for a second.

From there, we decided to go to Napoleon's tomb.  This wasn't high on my list but my Dad wanted to see it and we were happy to see another area of the city. My sister and I spent some time in the gardens outside while my Mom and Dad walked through some of the history exhibits. It was chilly, so we used our cameras to entertain us!

We made our way back to the tuilieries because we just couldn't leave Paris without lounging on those chairs once again. I felt like a creep but I just had to take a picture of the kids on the trampolines. They can pay 1 euro and bounce to their hearts desire. That wouldn't fly in the States! We also revisited l'Orangerie just for kicks.

Our neighborhood bakery! To this day, I don't know what it was actually called.

Our street was wonderful. I'd highly recommend it.

We called it an early night because we had a very early morning. We managed to visit our beloved bakery in the morning before heading to the airport. While it's no fun leaving Paris, we knew we gave it our all and did absolutely everything that we had wanted to. If there is a good way to leave Paris, that might be it. Au revoir, Paris!

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