January 4, 2012


I love to read.  It's something that (thankfully) has stuck with me since I was tiny. For the record, I am not a kindle/nook owner, although half of the Dobberteen clan has made the jump.  There is just something about a good old-fashioned book that I can't resist.

While I'll admit my sophistication in reading material has definitely lacked at times, I've recently found a new awe for old "classics" as well as some of the must-read bestsellers.  I'm sure I won't love them all. I may not even like them all.  But I want to read them all.  I've already finished up a few, and I thought I'd do a little recap for each.  First up, Emma!

My review: Meh.  I like Jane Austen.  She writes a love story like the best of them, and somehow manages to make it dreary and uplifting at the same time.  I thought I would love Emma.  In reality, I found her character a little hard to relate to.  I honestly only finished this book to say that I did.

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