January 29, 2012


I normally don't read books for fun when I'm in the middle of a school semester, and I honestly don't know what made me do it.  Okay, maybe it was the review by the Matchbook Magazine folks that convinced me to read The Fallback Plan by Leigh Stein.

I was hooked from the beginning, so much so that I used reading this book as motivation to get my reading for my web design class done.  Read a chapter of HTML5 and CSS3, then read a chapter of The Fallback Plan.  That was my Tuesday afternoon :) 

I finished the book in one day, thanks to that little scheme.  I didn't really care for the ending, or non-ending, but the writing was great and very relatable, humorous and real.  It also made me scared to death that I won't find a job out of college.  

But that's a problem for another post. 

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