February 4, 2012


Name that song.  I won't judge.

At the risk of sounding like a ditsy college girl, I am going to admit to counting down the days to SPRING BREAK '12.  I am actually going somewhere with a beach this year, which will be a welcome change from my past spring break trips... to good ol' Michigan.

Along with seven of my girls, I will be heading to Boca Grande, Florida and staying in one of my friend's grandparents' condos.  We're going for more of a relaxing, sleep all day, and night kind of spring vacation.  To illustrate the type of spring break we're NOT going for, I'll hand my blog over to the gang from Friends.  

So it's 35 days and counting.  To get my body in shape for the non-Spring Break woo hoo, I'm going to do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  I've done it before, kind of.  I've actually tried it twice and gotten to day 10 and day 14 only to fall off the wagon.  This time, I'm giving myself Fridays off, in hopes of getting rid of the feeling that if I miss one day I've failed.  I like the workouts, mainly because they are short but intense - so I get a lot out of a little time.   

I might throw in The Firm's Power Yoga every now and then too.  I've done it for a while, like since high school, and I love how relaxing it is while still being a workout.  I've been known to go into fits of giggles after a good yoga session.  I'm embracing it.  

I'm not looking for crazy results, just a little more confidence when I step out in that bathing suit!  Wish me luck (and motivation).  


  1. with your kappa girls? or mitten girls?
    and I totally feel ya... my mom just emailed our fam with Hilton Head '12 date... hellllllo motivation!

    1. with my kappa girls! I love Hilton Head, do you guys go every year?