February 5, 2012


The Super Bowl is Indianapolis.  I am there, too.  And it has been madness.


For over a week now, this usually-modest, feels-like-a-little-city big city has been crazytown. Tourists, celebrities, football fans, huge corporations and media moguls have made my city their city.  Jimmy Fallon spent some time at my freshmen year dorm (which incidentally is right across the street from my place now).  A co-worker hugged Vanilla Ice.  A few friends went on a hunt for Ryan Gosling on Monday night.  

I've taken to walking the streets on my lunch breaks.  I ate my PB&J on the monument circle steps on Friday, and just watched the excitement unfold around the the massive XLVI statues. The people watching is prime right now.  I nabbed some free samples of hummus and chips, too. :) 

I've also taken to riding the shuttle bus down to a few of the concerts in Super Bowl Village.  I'm not really a concert person (although that is slowly changing) but I love to soak in the energy of the crowd.  The energy 20 feet away from Darius Rucker is pretty great, in case you're wondering.  

Today it comes to a close.  The longest temporary zipline in the world will be taken down and the streets will be thoroughly cleaned (I hope!) and everyone who was visiting Indy will stop visiting. 

Our city will stop feeling like a mix of Chicago and Hollywood, with a bit of midwestern friendliness added in.  It will stop being crazytown and go back to being our town, with a lot of midwestern friendliness added in.  

This week has been super fun.  Ha! Probably too much super-fun.  My to-do lists are calling.  


  1. that sounds crazy, but really fun! i've never experienced anything like that, but if madison were suddenly taken over by all these famous people it would be so fun and weird!

    1. It was both of those things! It did NOT feel like real life at all, or our city. It feels almost too empty now, but that might just be because of the freezing temps :)