July 11, 2012


I realize that I've been writing on Lovely Explorer for nearly eight months now, and I haven't properly introduced myself. Of course, I've told you about me but we haven't actually chatted too much about random little things on my mind, things about you, things about me. Hence the Interview title of this series. Over the course of however long, let's talk about ourselves a bit.

So, what is your name? 

My full name is Allyson Louise Dobberteen. The story of my name is actually quite funny. I was scheduled to be a Lauren or a Kristen until my mom had an epiphany while walking one day. She said I would be an Allison. It was my dad who pushed for the "y" in the spelling. I used to resent that "y" because I would always have to spell out my name when filling out forms, spilling my digits, giving out my email. 

But on my 18th birthday, he divulged why he did so. You see, my full name includes every vowel in the alphabet, but I needed the "sometimes y" in order to collect the full set. Now, I don't mind that
"y" so much. 

So, what is your name? How did you come to have it? Do you like it? If you could rename yourself, what would your name be?


  1. I was supposed to be a Kelly or a Katie, but then I was born and my parents decided on Molly! At times I wish I went by my middle name, Bridget, but that's what Bridget's Own Diary is for!

    1. That is a fun way to use it! I don't think Louise has the same effect :)