October 11, 2012


Butler University has oh-so-graciously granted its students a two-day break starting today until Sunday. After surviving (definitely not thriving) through a handful of midterms, I jumped at the opportunity to head north to visit my parents. Luckily, my little sister, a freshman at Xavier University in Cincinatti, had the same days off for fall break. Can you say, carpool?

the grassy "knoll" area near my indianapolis house is already looking like fall. 
We're planning to take full advantage of this pause button of a weekend. We made the commute a fun road trip, stopping for a donut-and-coffee dinner (the best kind). This morning, we've already made a pit stop at our favorite local coffee shop, JP's. I've visited the dentist, eye doctor and hair salon. Not to mention a quick stop over at the Gap Outlet. I snatched a cardigan (sure to be in future pics) and a tailored puffy vest (pictured below). Plus, we managed to squeeze in a lunch with our favorite pair of sisters/neighbors/friends. In just over half of day, woof.

blurry iphone bathroom pic of my new haircut + vest. so very fall! 
Tonight holds a family dinner at a brewery in Saugatuck and game night with Grandma and Grandpa. I'll keep you posted, of course!

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