October 5, 2012


This fall has been filled with misty, miserable weather. The only thing it's suitable for is laying in bed and watching reruns. My rerun of choice has been Grey's Anatomy. I used to watch the show in high school, but I never kept up with it. As I re-watch some of the (drama-filled) episodes, certain characters tug at my heartstrings more than I remember.

Take Miranda Bailey. She's filled with both wisdom, humor and a whole lot of spunk. She's one of the underappreciated characters in the series, in my opinion. Meredith Grey is whiney, and Christina Yang is cold. Alex Karev is hot  a man-whore. Miranda Bailey is just plain awesome...and so beautiful, right?

And (because it's me), a list of my favorite Bailey quotes...

     "You did a terrible thing. It doesn't mean you are a terrible person."

     "There is beauty in the basics."

     "A person can only rise so high. Now I'm rising above, but there's a ceiling and I'm about to hit it."

     "People are stupid and just want to be loved. That's the only reason anyone does anything."

     "Fools on bikes killing themselves. Natural selection is what it is."

Isn't she brilliant? Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? Do you have any favorite characters?


  1. she is brilliant! and she was always my favorite too. Meredith always irked me. I think my favorite quote of hers will ALWAYS be "o'malley, stop looking at my va jay jay!"

    best moment on that show, really.
    i loved o'malley too :)

    1. Haha that is a great one! My all-time favorite quote from the show though? Christina (to her mom): "Mother, go upholster something." Love those one-liners!

  2. I totally love Miranda!! Her character gets so quirky as the seasons go though. You should catch up, it gets sooo good again! Dramatic, but awesome!