October 1, 2012


Do you remember that I have a list of 101 things I want to do? I've lovingly (and academically) called it Future 101. While I took my unintentional blog break, I crossed a few of those goals off my list... and a few more are in the works. Let's catch up, shall we?

[x] Buy an iPhone!

I have never had the latest and greatest phone. Most of my phones have been of the hand-me-down variety, which suited me just fine. Until it didn't for a variety of reasons (school, future career, constant access to email, general merriment). My career path will benefit from my recent upgrade to an iPhone 4s, as will my happiness level. I could not be more pleased about this purchase. It has improved my life by leaps and bounds! 

[x] Apply for a senior year scholarship.

I applied for a scholarship through my sorority, and was the lucky senior chosen by our alumni. I am so grateful for my sorority. It has improved and impacted my life beyond belief, and this financial support just adds to my wonderful experience. 

[x] Send more spontaneous texts.

The iPhone has helped in this department. I also have been making an effort to do more "little things" for others. Whether it be adding a "p.s. you make my day whenever I see you!" to the end of emails, or something more substantial, I have been a better friend to many more people. It is an amazing feeling to know that you can have a tiny impact on someone else's day. I am going to make the most of that! 

[x] Learn to use photoshop better.

I am currently taking an advanced design class that is drawing on my rusty photoshop skills from sophomore year. The only issue is that I don't have the software on my own computer, just the school's. I hope to change that soon! 

[x] Do a back flip into Lake Michigan.
[x] Drive a boat. 

When last we spoke, I was planning on spending a quiet 4th of July weekend with friends in Indianapolis. I did celebrate the actual fourth with friends at my Indy-home (which included a cookout and fun outdoor games). I had to work on Thursday, so work I did. Then, I spontaneously drove back home to Michigan for a weekend with my parents. We spent two days soaking in Lake Michigan on our little old ski boat, which was just what the doctor ordered. 

The water was glass-like. So smooth and such a wonderful 78 degrees. It only took me a minute or two to work up the courage to back flip into the water. Success! 

After we were water-logged, I took a turn at the wheel for a while. I can't remember when I learned to drive a boat. It was just part of growing up for my sister and I. Between growing up lakeside and having a father who was in the Navy for six years, it came pretty naturally for the two of us. It was a blast to drive the boat again! 

[ ] Take a trip to Boston.
[ ] Go to Newport, RD.

Between my sister heading off to college in Ohio and my eminent graduation in May, my parents are feeling the need for a family vacation soon. What better time to head to the east coast than post-graduation? Plans are in the works! 

[ ] Cook 5 recipes that I never have before. 

I'm living (and cooking) off-campus now, which means NO MEAL PLAN! I'm looking forward to experimenting with new recipes. 

[ ] Go sailing.

When I was home for a weekend this summer, I casually mentioned that I would love to learn to sail someday. I've always felt in-my-element on the water, and sailing seemed like a natural extension of that. Lo and behold, my dad was listening. He bid on a small, old sailboat online for a steal. It needs a lot of TLC, but that's going to be half the fun! 


  1. I'm so glad you got some of your goals done! I really like the spontaneous texts one! i need to send more of those! You jumped into Michigan at the perfect time, its totally freezing now!
    So happy you're blogging again lady!

  2. Oh, thanks! The goals weren't high on my radar since I wasn't blogging - so I was happily surprised when I realized I had done a good chunk of them!

  3. Yay for upgrading your iPhone! It's embarrassing how much I use mine. Crazy to think we didn't have these things 10 years ago. I would love to enhance my Photoshop, inDesign, and illustrator skills as well. I'm gonna make sure to buy the software before it's too late to get the student discount! Have a great week!