December 30, 2013


+ I set some goals, and struggled with them.
+ I took a 40 day hiatus from tv.
+ I hit a blogging milestone and added "guest blogger" to the resume.
+ I felt 22.
+ I went tech-crazy and fell in love with my iPhone.
+ I shared (a small portion) of my planning and prep for France.
+ I graduated from Butler University.
+ I took a trip across the pond, to Paris for 6 days, too. many. posts. for. one. link.
+ I landed my first full-time job and decided to make a go of it in Indianapolis.
+ I moved into my first grown-up place, a townhouse, with two roommates.
+ I attended my first professional tennis tournament, and loved every second.
+ I hit the refresh button on the blog and launched my favorite series yet, If I was.
+ I did a little catching up on the Future 101 list.

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